March 25, Friday, 8 pm.
Northside College Preparatory High School

Theater them. L. Varpahovskogo
Presented by
Yves Zhamiak

In The Main Cast:
Nar. artists: A. Dick, L. Satanovsky
Zasl. actors: A. Varpahovskaya, M. Menglet
Artists: N. Merz, A. Green
Director: G. Ziskin
Artist: A. Oparin

Ticket Booking
Tel. (773)761-9220 and on the site
02: 15: 2005 Starting from February 16, I’m going on tour in North America, together with the L. Varpakhovsky Theater (Canada).

11: 24: 2004 I welcome you to my updated page. The old design, you can see at

11: 19: 2004 Added 4 of my new songs in the MUSIC section

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