On this page I want to offer you several articles. Some thoughts about … And without reason. Photos of people with whom I was lucky to touch. Excerpts from my book “Not a chance meeting.” Interviews, funny stories and statements of wonderful people.

Song number 2 (“NEW”) MP3 format
Music and lyrics : Andrey Greene
Song number 7 (“NEW”) MP3 format
Music and lyrics : Andrey Greene
Song number 10 (“NEW”) MP3 format
Music and lyrics : Andrey Greene
Song number 11 (“NEW”) MP3 format
Music and lyrics : Andrey Greene
“Delight” (“Lonely”) MP3 format
Music and lyrics : Andrei Greene
Arrangement : Marat Sidelsky

“Music in the era of civilization” new
“Era Vysotskaya” (In Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky)
“A very rock-and-roll death” or color “Cinema”
(In memory of Victor Tsoi)
ROCK’N’ROLL (article)
History of Rock and Roll (article)
Too pop for rock and very rock n ‘roll for pop … (article)

VI Lenin
Andrey Greene ( biography and resume )
Alan Katamanin Bar-Mitzva (photo archive)
Nastya Poleva and Yegor Belkin
Anatoly Koptev and Vladimir Balagin
Mikhail Boyarsky
Oleg Garkusha (“Nervous Endings of the Group”)
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
Boris Grebenshchikov
Boris Grebenshchikov 2
Oleg Isayev
Elena Kamburova (“The Stalker of Poetry”)
Roman Kartsev
Pavel Kashin (article)
Anatoly Kashpirovsky
Alexander Malinin
Yuri Naumov
Klara Novikova
Sergei Penkin (“Not like everyone else …”)
Alexander Peskov (“Wheat by grain …”)
Lyudmila Pogorelova
Elena Obraztsova
Ada Rogovtseva (“The Theater of Grandfather and Dad”)
Alexander Serov
Yury Shevchuk
Irina Shvedova
Willie Tokarev (“Strange name – Willy”)
Roman Viktyuk (“And what can not …”)
I … My Family … My Friends …

My sister
My dad
Garik Light new
I’m in the studio (Chicago)
At the opening of the club “High Note”
My wife Ira
My wife Ira and I
Ira and I
Again Ira and I new
Ira and I are new
Ira and my son
Me and my son
Ira and Misha are new
Ira and Misha 2 new
Misha And Masha the new
Misha the new
Misha 2 new
Ira new
My friend Pierre
I, Nightmare and Kinosh
Mom and dad
“Flying Elephants” (“The Banal Story”)